A Place For Hope
A Place


“I can’t imagine not being able to come to the club and hang out with everyone.  I know that I need this place because otherwise I would be alone in my apartment and depressed all of the time.”


“I think the word, living with mental illness, is important because we are not the mental illness, the mental illness is a disease separate from who we are as individuals.”


“It’s a place to meet and make friends with the same problems as oneself. Thus who better to understand. The main reason that I enjoy going to (A Place For Hope) The Social Connextion is to help and enrich other peoples lives, to let them know that they have impacted my life.”


“If it weren’t for (A Place For Hope) The Social Connextion, I wouldn’t get out at all.  I live alone with my cats and dog.  It helps me to keep my social skills kind and pleasant.  I’ve suffered from deep depression since my childhood and preteen year.  This place helps keep my depression at an even level.  It has also been a second home to me.”


“Since the club opened it has given me a place where I feel welcome.  It has also helped me develop social skills that I would not feel comfortable developing somewhere else.  I have gained employment as well and I can’t even begin to describe how this has helped my self esteem and confidence.  I have watched others grow leaps and bounds through the fellowship of this club, it has been a blessing to our community.”