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Here Comes Sun!

May was a very busy month as it was Mental Health Awareness month.  Not only did we have a successful car show and silent auction fund raiser but we attended two rallies and two trainings.

Ah!  But now we are in June the sunniest month of the year. Time to grab the sunblock, the floppy hat, a good book, and a lawn chair.

Many cultures around the world have interesting myths about the Sun, reflecting its importance in all our lives.

In Egypt, sun god Ra was the enabler of life and the creator god. His preferred method of transportation was a ship rather than a chariot and he used it not just in the sky but also in the underworld at night.  He was believed to be reborn each day.

Ancient Greek deity Apollo, the son of Zeus, master of Olympus, rode a chariot pulled by fiery horses across the sky every day to bring light to the world.

The Aztecs believed their sun god,Huitzilopochtli, who was said to be in constant struggle with darkness, required blood from a human heart as nourishment to ensure his survival. To feed their god, the people of the sun offered up their own in the form of human sacrifice.

In Norse mythology, Freyr was the ruler of peace, fertility, rain and sunshine. Legend says that Freyr rode a boar named Gullinbursti, which could travel across the sky and the ocean.

In Hindu mythology, Surya, is the sun god who is depicted as a red man with three eyes and four arms. Surya is also believed to heal the sick and bring good fortune.

Whatever the belief about the sun, one thing is certain. It always rises to bring us a fresh, new day.  Get on the flip flops and enjoy summer!

LaDonna Korstad

Executive Director

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