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Shhh!  Did you know that there is a Secret Society of Happy People? Pamela Gail Johnson founded the Secret Society of Happy People in August of 1998 with the main idea of creating a “safe place” where people can share their happy moments, without being discouraged by the “parade rainers”.

The Society declared August 8 as Admit You’re Happy Day (now Happiness Happens Day) and declared August as Happiness Happens Month. The purpose of Happiness Happens Day and Month is to share happiness and encourage people to talk and think about happiness.

The Society organizes an online social media event known as HappyThon, on Happiness Happens Day. The aim of this event is to send inspirational messages via social networks, emails or texts, share happy moments, philosophy, quotes, etc. HappyThon is the first online social media event that promotes happiness around the world.

Finally, a positive social media event to replace all the negativity that has been spread over the air ways.  So get busy being not-so-secretly-happy and start sharing nothing but happiness.

LaDonna Korstad

Executive Director

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