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April Showers Bring Spring Cleaning Powers

The weather is warming up and that means it is time for spring cleaning. There is not much more satisfying then when the annual cleaning ritual is finished.  We have been busy little bees around here cleaning and down sizing both our possessions and our space.

One good way to start the cleanse is by getting rid of all those things that you haven’t used in awhile and all those clothes that do not fit you anymore or have been out of style since the 70’s.  The second thing would be to get your supplies in order.  The third then would be to actually get off the couch, rub on a little elbow grease and go to work.

The last is probably the hardest thing to do but if AP4H can do it I know you can too.  Enjoy spring and have a great Easter!

LaDonna Korstad

Executive Director



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